If you spend enough time dreaming

“If we spend enough time dreaming, then the dream might eventually become real”
Fennel Hudson, A meaningful Life – Fennel’s Journal No. 1

As a little girl, we all have these big dreams of becoming something special and reaching great things.

Then we grow up, our dreams become more realistic and eventually start fading away. Then a very average day turns out to be a memorable one, one on which your little girl dreams become real.

Lizen and I had a dream, well, multiple dreams, but the dream to own our own restaurant was one that stood out.

Instead of just dreaming, we turned our dreams into a reality.

We were handed keys and the place was ours (after many contracts and late night planning sessions and some amazing people who helped us). It all seem so simple. This was now ours.

Then the hard work started. We covered the windows in newspaper to make the reveal so much more dramatic.

The bar was torn out of the wall and moved to a different corner, it immediately started feeling like we belonged.

The men in our lives turned out to be great handymen too. They jumped in and painted, built a couch and a bar front.

photo 3      photo 4

11days passed; we had cuts on our hands, paint-stains on our clothes, circles under our eyes, and joy in our hearts.

Our dream was becoming a reality.

On 12 August 2015 we took down all the newspaper from the windows and we opened the doors to the public.

People started showing up, and loving what we had done, and most importantly, LOVING the food! And then these people started telling other people and coming back.

Matie FM ran a competition with us.

Bloggers came and blogged.

Turns out, dreams really do come true.

One thought on “If you spend enough time dreaming

  • Wat ‘n positiewe ervaring in twaalf!!! Van die verwelkoming tot die geurige kos, die interieur en atmosfeer. Dit is werklik Suid-Afrikaanse kos met ‘n kinkel: ‘n braaibroodjie wat smaak of dit pas van die vuur kom, vars vis met ‘n kors wat kraak, slaptjips presies soos sy naam sê, heerlike klam wortelkoek … Voorwaar ‘n smaaksensasie en gesellige kuier teen ‘n billike prys. Baie geluk aan Lianti en Lizen. Alle voorspoed vorentoe!

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