Art of Taste

Wine demystified!

Do you enjoy wine, but you feel like you need to learn and discover more about the making of wine, the different cultivars, wine lingo and other basic knowledge that is needed in the social environment that you belong to? This course will literally take you from zero to hero in 15 classes. You will start with 5 white cultivars and progress to 5 red cultivars. Then you will be ready to learn the art of blending. Port, MCC, noble late harvest as well as brandy.

Each class will be 90 minutes long.

You will not feel threatened as you will learn and grow in your own time and you will mark your own progress.

Knowledge will bring a whole new world of “wine” to you.

Every evening you will taste 5 different wines, paired with 5 different canapes.

Week 1 – Chenin Blanc

For many years this was used for making ‘cheap’ semi-sweet white wine without too much character. Recently it is seen as one of the focus grapes of the industry because of the volumes and quality of the vines available.

Week 2 – Sauvignon Blanc

In recent years Sauvignon Blanc has gained tremendously in popularity. This wine is crisp and fruity ans suits our summer climate very well.

Week 3 – Chardonnay

For a very long time this white wine was the most popular choice around the world. Chardonnay in heavy wooded styles were trendy, today more wine-makers are making a crispy, lighter style of this wine.

Week 4 – Viognier

Viognier is a variety not very well known as it took a long time to reach South Africa.

Week 5 – Semillon

Semillon is a very under-rated variety in South Africa. In 1820 90% of all vineyards in South Africa consisted of Semillon, today it only makes up 1% of the vineyard.

Week 6 – Cabernet Sauvignon

Known as the King of the Reds!

Week 7 – Shiraz

This is the red-hot cultivar for the moment.

Week 8 – Merlot

This variety is quite young in South Africa and even though we’ve had it here since 1910 it only became popular in the 80’s.

Week 9 – Pinotage

Pinotage was developed in South African in 1925. When Pinot Noir was crossed with Hermitage(Cinsaut), Pinotage was born.

Week 10 – Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the most revered Red Wine cultivars in the world. It might seem a bit light when you only look at the colour, but this wine can be very complex and interesting.

Week 11 – Blending

Blending is the art of putting different cultivars together. Often in ‘straight’ varietals there are some other varietals blended in as well. By law it states that a ‘single’ variety must consist of 85% of the cultivar stated on the bottle.

Week 12 – Methode Cap Classique

The abbreviation MCC is used for bubbly made in South Africa. Think of it as the traditional French method but made in the Cape.

Week 13 – Noble late harvest

There are a lot of ‘sweet wines’ on the market – it is important to know the difference between a Late Harvest, a Special Late harvest, a Noble late harvest and natural Sweet wines.

Week 14 – Port

Port is a fortified wine and originated in Portugal.

Week 15 – Brandy

Brandy is not strictly a wine, but a distilled product from base-wine. Base wine is in fact a wine product that is made exclusively to produce Brandy-spirits.

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