The Story of Twaalf

August of 2015, two lovely ladies, Lizen and Lianti made their dream a reality, and opened a restaurant with a purpose, not only making good food, but contributing to the community in even just the smallest of ways. Their passion for people resonated in everything they did, and with that passion came many beautiful friendships, and most of all, a welcoming space for all to enjoy, whether it be for a captivatingly delicious cappuccino, or a wholesome meal, everyone that walks into Twaalf feels at home.

2018 has come with new challenges and new adventures, and so Lizen and Lianti decided that it was time for something new, and with that decision, an opportunity arose for Christopher Charles Higgs to realize his dream of owning a restaurant. He has taken on the opportunity to continue the legacy of the two Twaalf founders, and bring in his passion for the culinary arts. The driving force behind Chris’ decision to take over Twaalf was (and is) to make healthy, hearty, and wholesome food.

This chapter has only just begun, so come and experience the same welcoming space, with some new small surprises.

The possibilities are endless and soon Chris’ vision for the art of nutrition, will become more and more clear.

Watch this space as the story continues…